Retouch Artist Monica Chamorro

I am lucky enough to work with the very talented retouch artist Monica Chamorro and I just wanted to let you all know how amazing she is. Its very important to have a great synergy with the person who is giving your work its final polish as they have to have the same vision as you. Monica is extremely good at what she does she has such attention to detail and doesnt overdo things which is important to me as a photographer. I want my shots enhanced not changed. She is also a photographer herself which I am sure gives her that extra insight into what works best visually.

We have been working together for a while now and I use her for almost all of my fashion and beauty work - I find I dont even have to tell her things any more as she just does them as she knows what I like. She is so easy to work with and always finishes jobs on time and everything always looks great.

Monica is based in Scotland and is originally from Spain and thanks to the internet the distance is not a problem. Check out her site